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Join us for "Energy Clearing and Alignment," a transformative online conference where leading experts and practitioners converge to explore techniques and insights for harmonizing and revitalizing your energy.


Our Speakers!

Our lineup of esteemed speakers will share their profound wisdom, offering practical tools and profound perspectives on energy healing, spiritual alignment, health & medicines, and personal transformation.

Lois Hermann Trailer

Join us for an enlightening online conference, "Energy Clearing & Alignment - Everyday Resources with Lois Hermann," where Lois Hermann, a luminary in holistic wellness, merges ancient wisdom with modern science. As a Board-Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, NLP Trainer, and Energy Clearing & Alignment Master, Lois brings decades of experience in medical diagnostics and corporate leadership to guide profound transformations.

Ethan Lucas Trailer

Energy Clearing and Alignment

Catherine Edwards Trailer

Join Catherine Edwards and her inspiring guests as they share wisdom and strategies to navigate life's complexities, empowering you to create positive change for yourself and your animal companions. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Mark Attwood Trailer

Join us for an exhilarating online conference, "Adventures in a Cosmic Suit with Mark Attwood," where Mark Attwood, host of "The Mark Attwood Show," takes you on a journey of profound insights and fearless exploration.

Tom Paladino Trailer

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the frontier of Scalar Light healing with Tom Paladino, where science meets spirituality to redefine health and vitality for humanity and beyond.

Kristin Hurley Trailer

Join us for an inspiring online conference, "Living Your Best Life with Kristin Hurley," where Kristin shares her extensive experience and passion for holistic healthcare.

Anthony D' Alessandro

Natural Medicine for Health and Conneciton

Deb Schaffer Trailer

Join us for an immersive online conference with Deb Schaffer, where you'll explore the art of Plant Magic, learn practical techniques to enhance your spiritual journey, and discover how to harness the power of botanicals for personal growth and transformation.

Megan Brown Trailer

Experience the enlightening virtual conference with Megan Brown, a renowned author and spiritual guide. Megan's journey spans Catholicism, atheism, and three profound near-death experiences, including her transformative encounter with God and heavenly souls in 2007.

All Content will be available on July 21st.

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