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Frontiers of Knowledge:Exclusive Events & Conferences


New Earth Symposium

Welcome to The New Earth Symposium: Leading the Way to a Better World.

Join us for an enlightening online gathering of visionary speakers and thought leaders at The New Earth Symposium. This unique event is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions and forging pathways toward a more sustainable, harmonious future for our planet and its inhabitants.


Wellness Lifestyle Conference

The Wellness Lifestyle Conference on June 17th promises to be an extraordinary event where minds from across the globe converge to explore diverse perspectives on Life, Love, Healing, and everything in between. Partnering with Gnostic TV adds a profound layer to the gathering, ensuring a rich tapestry of insights and experiences.


Tales of Survival from the Darkside

Embark on a gripping journey of resilience and survival in our online event, "Tales of Survival from the Darkside." Join us as we delve into stories of triumph over adversity, where individuals have faced the darkest of challenges and emerged victorious. From personal accounts to remarkable feats of endurance, this event showcases the human spirit's indomitable strength in the face of hardship. Be inspired, uplifted, and empowered as our speakers share their tales of overcoming the odds. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the power of resilience and the triumph of the human spirit.


New Sacred Earth

Join us for "New Sacred Earth," an immersive online event featuring a diverse lineup of speakers who will delve into profound topics including spiritual life transformation, navigating belief systems within the matrix of modern society, and envisioning a New Sacred Earth.Throughout this transformative event, our speakers will explore the crucial themes of self-preservation, survival instincts, shamanic sacred retreats, the inherent healing powers of nature, and the transformative potential of scalar energy healing. Each session promises insightful discussions, practical workshops, and experiential journeys aimed at deepening your understanding of these interconnected topics.


Energy Clearing and Alignment Conference

Join us for "Energy Clearing and Alignment," a transformative online conference where leading experts and practitioners converge to explore techniques and insights for harmonizing and revitalizing your energy.Our lineup of esteemed speakers will share their profound wisdom, offering practical tools and profound perspectives on energy healing, spiritual alignment, health & medicines, and personal transformation.

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GnosticTV Network offers exclusive shows on the search for spiritual freedom and the realization of the true essence of Divine Consciousness. 

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Enjoy Gnostic’s library of Ascended Masters to clear blocks from the past, awaken to your alignment, develop your intuition, and expand awareness. Available anytime, anywhere.

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What Does Gnostic Mean?

Gnostic simply means one who knows and is based on a certain kind of spiritual experience of Gnosis. Gnosticism is a discipline of deep thought, realistic observation of the world, and ultimate hope. The development of our consciousness is the purpose of our life.
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